Until Dawn

A single-player zombie board game where you play as John Woods, a man trapped in a cabin besieged by the walking dead, left with eight rounds of ammo, his trusty german shepherd, and his wounded wife. Surviving to see sunrise just got a lot harder.



A point-and-click horror game that thrusts the player into the lurking shadows of a forbidding building with a sinister, elusive history.


Lassos & Longhorns

An Oregon Trail-style cooperative dice game based in the Old West, tasking players with driving cattle up a challenging terrain, dodging outlaws, and trying to turn a profit.


lovegame (print)

A custom deck of cards, face cards hand-inked and all 52 printed on silky matte.


lovegame (Flash)

A Flash game based on a silly love fortune card game, equipped with a custom illustrated deck.



My name is Caroline.

I'm a web developer, graphic designer, and artist from the US. I like tea, giant robots, zombie movies, and making things with my hands. I do what I love and I love what I do.

Please direct all inquiries to caroline@thousandwrecks.net.

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